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1. The rapid development of 5G communications.

China is actively working on the construction of 5G networks, which means that a new giant cake is waiting for Chinese and foreign telecom equipment manufacturers to "cut the knife." Many telecom equipment manufacturers have participated in the investment and testing of 5G, which means that the country has initially formed Relatively complete industrial chain, including Huawei, Datang, ZTE, HiSilicon, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Shanghai Bell and other domestic and foreign telecom equipment manufacturers have launched commercial or pre-commercial products. The core network, fiber optic cables, and wiring equipment benefit first, followed by access network equipment, and then network optimization, test equipment, and network management software. Terminals and operators benefit slightly later in the time series, and provide value-added services and operation and maintenance services. The business finally benefited.

5G development has greatly increased the demand for connectors. Demand for high-end coaxial radio frequency connectors, RF antennas, fiber optic connectors, QSFP, and board-to-board connectors is increasing.

2. The demand for smart mobile terminals such as smart phones is stable.

Smart products are showing a trend of being lighter and thinner, higher performance, more functions and longer battery life, which will require connectors used in them to have smaller sizes, wider operating frequencies, and higher transmission speeds. In recent years, the rapid development of wearable devices, Internet of Things and other fields has put forward new requirements for the connector industry, especially the demand for FPC connector series products has increased significantly.

Under the background of electronic products pursuing light, thin, short and small designs, the FPC market has a broad prospect. In recent years, various high-tech electronic products have used this technology in large quantities, such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, and car satellite orientation positioning Devices, LCD TVs, notebook computers, etc., are especially widely used in communication fields such as mobile phones.

3. Automotive and industrial connectors or open new growth space

With the global restrictions on fuel vehicles, the development of new energy vehicles is very fast. Especially in China, becoming a new energy vehicle power has become a national strategy. The implementation of Industry 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" has higher requirements and greater demand for industrial connectors. The automotive and smart manufacturing connector market will become the world's largest application market for connectors.

Summary: The demand for the connector market is still growing. Due to the improvement of China's intelligent manufacturing and the integrity of the supply chain, the overall demand for the connector market in China has grown rapidly, leading the rest of the world by a large margin. This trend is very conducive to China's connector companies to become bigger and stronger, and to improve the level of technology research and development and manufacturing. This is extremely important for the full realization of the goal of "Made in China 2025", the promotion of China's technological level and the healthy development of the country's economy.

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