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It is widely used in various audio equipment, video equipment, LDE and various power supply equipment.

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● 3-pin device connector with anti-drop lock
● With contacts for straight, neutral and safety grounding
● High current capacity 20A 250V AC with breaking capacity
● Waterproof IP65 pre-installed wire kit
● Unique dual base connector-input and output coupler
● Conform to the international standard IEC 60320
● American UL498 standard

Technical data 技术数据

Electrical appliances 电器

Rated current 额定电流                 20A

The rated voltage 额定电压             250V ac

Contact resistance 接触电阻            ≤ 5 mΩ

Dielectric strength 绝缘强度            4 kVdc

Insulation resistance 绝缘电阻          > 0.1 GΩHot and humid 湿热)

Safety requirements 安全要求           IEC61984 IEC60320

Locking device 锁定设备                Quick Lock 快速锁定

The service life of the 使用寿命          > 1000 mating cycles 1000次循环

Type of teminals 端子接线方式          screw type clamping

                                                    units solder termination螺旋夹紧和焊接式

Connectable conductors 连接导体        Flexible 软线

Wiring wire size  配线尺寸              14AWG

Rated Torque  额定扭矩                          0.5Nm

Temperature range 温度范围           -30 °C to +80 °C

Protection degree 防护等级             IP65(连接后 After connection


Material 材料

Contact plating 接点电镀                Ag

Contact a 接触件                                          Cu

The shell 外                            PA

Rear cover 后盖                                            PA

flammability 可燃性                          UL94 V–0