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Widely used in network data transmission and conversion of various audio systems, stage lights, LEDs, etc.;

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●Metal flange conforming to the unified standard D style, which can be installed from behind the panel
● According to TIA/EIA568B or IEC11801 standard, meet D level
● The transmission level reaches CAT5e and is compatible with transmission levels below CAT5e
● It has the function of shielding high frequency noise and electromagnetic interference
● The back end can be equipped with various styles of PCB boards and various network ports

Technical data 技术数据

Electrical appliances 电器

Rated curren t 额定电流                             单个触点<1.5 A   Single contact <1.5 A

The rated voltage 额定电压             50V ac

Contact resistance 接触电阻            ≤ 10 mΩ

Dielectric strength 绝缘强度            1 kVdc

Insulation resistance 绝缘电阻          > 500 m

Safety requirements 安全要求               TIA/EIA568B Or IEC11801-CAT 5e

The service life of the 使用寿命         > 1000 mating cycles 1000次循环

Wiring wire size  配线尺寸              Outer diameter range of cable 3.5-8mm 电缆外径范围 3.5-8mm

Lnsertion force   插拔力                            ≤20N

Panel thickness面板厚度                  Max3mm  最大3mm

Temperature range 温度范围           -30 °C to +80 °C

Protection degree 防护等级             IP54(连接后 After connection


Material 材料

Contact plating 接点电镀                Au

Contact a 接触件                                          Cu

Socket housing 插座外壳                  PBT

Incentre 内芯                                                 PBT

flammability 可燃性                          UL94 V–0

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