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About Anjieli

Shenzhen Anjie New Technology Co., LTD.

Anjieli adheres to the technology as the leadership, takes"Independent and Controllable, Innovative and Excelsior " as our ideal,and is on the support of chip core technology in the fields of storage, computers, communications and others.It is an industrial ecological high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development, manufacturing , marketing and technical services.

Corporate Business

The current business focus on research and development design, production and sales of  controller and SSD with information security and self-developed. Our product is benchmarked to the world's first-class manufacturers and is committed to becoming an internationally leading and domestic first-class provider in storage system and solution provider. The market goal focuses on domestic independent and controllable fields, comprehensively covering and meeting traditional data applications, emerging data application scenarios and special application scenarios.

Anjieli's core Technologies

Prediction of hot and cold data:GC(garbage collection) and WAI(write amplification index) are reduced through classification of hot and cold data.

Intelligent RRT: When ECC Fail occurs, controller can select the suitable RRT intelligently, which will make SSD  higher reading performance.

LDPC and NAND analysis:With perfect NAND analysis process and method, the endurance of NAND can be increased by more than 20%, and the temperature range of NAND will be wider.

FTL algorithm with QoS capability: The controller with front and rear end feedback system surpasses the Intel S series enterprise SSD’s performance, with excellent performance in random read, random write, mixed read and write.

Data integrity protection: Raid, support Die Raid, Plane Raid, Page Raid, to meet 2D/3D NAND requirements

Firmware protection: Firmware Supports booting and upgrading safely, avoiding malicious injection and modification of code.