Website stated

Website stated

Visitors are requested to read this paragraph carefully and agree to this statement before accepting the services provided by this Website.Visitors to the Site and their use of the Site by any means shall be deemed to have consented to the entire content of this Statement;If you have any objection, please immediately consult with the website and obtain the written consent of the website.

Article 1: All activities (including but not limited to browsing, utilization, reprinting and publicity) of the Website by visitors shall be conducted in a good faith and prudent manner.Visitors shall not intentionally or negligently damage or impair the lawful rights and interests of the Website, and shall not use the Website in any way directly or indirectly to engage in ACTS in violation of Chinese laws, international conventions and social ethics, and visitors shall abide by the following commitments:

1. Transmission and use of information is in accordance with Chinese laws, international conventions, public order and good customs;

2. Do not use the Website and related Web services for illegal or improper purposes;

3. Do not disturb or disturb the Website and related network services;

4. Abide by the agreement, regulations, procedures and practices of the Website and the network services related thereto.

Article 2: This website solemnly reminds visitors: please be sure to respect the copyright and copyright of the relevant works when you reprint, upload or download them;If you find any work without your signature, please contact us immediately. We will add your signature or deal with it as soon as possible.

Article 3: Unless otherwise expressly stated by us or mandatory provisions of Chinese laws, the copyright of the original works of the users of this website shall be Shared by the website and the author. If other websites and traditional media need to use the works, the written authorization of this website shall be obtained. Unauthorized reproduction or use for other commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Article 4: The contents on this website only represent the views of the author, and do not represent the views and opinions of this website. It has nothing to do with the position of this website, and the author is responsible for the content.

Article 5: This website has the right to use the works published on this website for other purposes, including websites and e-magazines, except for the copyright notice attached to the works.

Article 6: Without the agreement of the website and the author, no other organization shall infringe the copyright of the work in any form, including but not limited to: unauthorized copying, linking, illegal use or reprinting, or establishing the mirror image of the work in any way.

Article 7: All works published on this website in various forms (including but not limited to words, pictures and charts) are for reference only and do not mean that the Website agrees with the statement or description thereof, only to provide more information, and do not constitute any investment advice.Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the Website assumes no liability in any form for the actions of visitors based on the information provided by the Website.

Article 8: when this website is recommended in the form of links to other web sites, this site is not responsible for these websites or resources availability, and does not guarantee that any content from the sites, products, services or other materials of authenticity, legality, and for any use or trust from such sites or resources access to content, products, services or other materials (or claims) of any direct or indirect losses, this site does not undertake any responsibility.

Article 9: The Website will not disclose any personal data of users to any party in any way, except as agreed by you and stipulated in Article 10:.

Article 10: When government departments or judicial organs require the website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, the website will provide personal data at the request of law enforcement agencies or for the purpose of public safety.The website shall not be liable for any disclosure under such circumstances.

Article 11: The Website shall not be liable for any personal data disclosure caused by users' disclosing their personal passwords to others or sharing their registered accounts with others.

Article 12: this site has a part of the content from the Internet, if inadvertently violated which media, companies, enterprises or individuals such as intellectual property, please call or letter to tell, this website will be within the prescribed period of time to delete related processing, if you have any royalties and other issues involved, please provide relevant certificates, and other materials and contact us, fair and just principles to deal with the dispute through friendly negotiation.

Article 13: This site only owns the copyright of the template of this work.(" template "refers to the template framework such as design idea, layout design, color scheme, etc.)

Article 14: This site does not enjoy the right of portrait of the figures in this work, and the portrait is prohibited to be used for any commercial purposes. Users are requested to replace the portrait of the figures in the work and use it after obtaining the authorization of the relevant right holder.Any third-party complaint or dispute arising from unauthorized use shall be borne by the user and have nothing to do with the site.

Article 15: The creative fonts or font quotes contained in the works of this site are for display only and shall not be used for commercial purposes.Any unauthorized use of the site will be caused by the user's own responsibility, the site does not assume any legal responsibility.Commercial fonts can be: Song style, imitate song _GB2312 (or imitate song), regular script _GB2312, black body and so on.

Article 16: The final interpretation of the above statement shall be vested in Mufeng Website.

This site part of the material from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us.

Zhang Zhang, If there is any creation, please contact us.

When サ イ ト の material part の は ネ ッ ト ワ ー ク に origin し て お り, も し aggression 権 が あ れ ば, private た ち に contact し て く だ さ い.

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